Look inside a label

A Label consist of 4 components

face stock | adhesive | release coating |  liner

That must all work together seamlessly to create the label quality and performance that you require.

Every detail is carefully considered

  • Good looks – gloss, matte, clear, opaque, textured, stamping or iridescent visual effect.
  • Printing properties – high resolution printing and contrast or any other printing methods.
  • Conformability – for labelling complex shapes and squeezable packaging
  • Safety – meeting all relevant industry and regulatory requirements.
  • Cost-efficiency – for striking the right balance between economy and performance.
  • Sustainability – working with partners to reduce product environmental footprint and develop sustainable solutions that benefit the entire value chain.

Stay safe with strong compliance

Premium Label meet all relevant legal and industry requirements.

Our selection of materials from our vendors are certified with UL-approvals, recognized by International Standard Organizations (ISO), Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).

User-Friendly Labels for Thermal Transfer Printing

Thermal transfer printers require a use of a ribbon. Our selection of label materials is compatible with every global brand of thermal transfer ribbon.

With the right selection of compatible ribbon for your label material, application and thermal transfer label printer, you can ensure that you can achieve the best printing results.